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Crack-a-licious Cupcakes

Spoiler alert to all my cupcake fans…when I’m making cupcakes for a crowd…they are not made from scratch, (well not entirely).


birthday cupcakes all dressed up for a cowboy themed party


carrot ginger cupcakes with orange buttercream, amazing!


“snow ball” cupcakes were my favorite!











Bodhi had a big birthday bash this summer, on behalf of his early invites into the middle of his school year unbeknownst to his Mom who was supposed to be throwing said party. I had so many eager classmates and parents that I couldn’t disappoint. Due to his and my enthusiastic nature we had quite an attendee list while planning his party. I figured that we would invite 300, (well not that many, but this is to make a point) and maybe 100 would actually show up, (do you do this too?)

I was more than surprised when I kept receiving replies from invitees that they were able to make his midsummer bash. Oh boy…. I do not do store bought anything with our food allergies. But, BUT! I was not going to make 6-dozen cupcakes from scratch…so what did I do! I bought a gluten-free boxed mix and made them my own!

I am the recipe rebel! I do not follow directions well…so this was a great opportunity for me to put my rebellion to good use. I made all 6-dozen cupcakes each a different flavor (including the “vegan” buttercream) using a box mix as the base! All I did was follow the directions replacing the water for ingredients like coconut milk or orange juice and adding my other flavors like ginger, grated carrot, coconut extract…I had fun.

In fact, I had such a good turnout with my cupcakes that my friends flattered me by asking me to make some for a Mother’s Blessing Way.

This time, thankfully, I only had to make 2-dozen. The flavors I chose were pumpkin white chocolate cupcakes, (in lieu of fall time) with white chocolate buttercream and devils food cake with “milk” chocolate buttercream.


they were mini in size, but big in flavor

Regretfully…i am up past my bed time so I will have to post the recipe tomorrow….or maybe this is my cheap ploy to get you to come back and visit my site!



  • Christine Fredrickson says:

    And Wow! They were Tan-Fastic cupcakes! Both parties…and greatly appreciated!

    Long Live the Recipe Rebel!

    • Danielle says:

      I felt silly posting such information….but then I thought, wouldn’t you like to know so that you too can enjoy these on a daily basis like us, (maybe not daily, but now you have the option)

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