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Bozeman Half Recap


Keeping tranquil the last few miles!

First of all, Thank you Bozeman Running Company for hosting such a great race and taking equally awesome photos.  It was fun searching through the thousands of photos to see myself looking as strong as I felt.

The Bozeman Marathon took place September 13, 2015.  I don’t know the actual number of participants, but it was a big turnout and I was among some very talented and spirited runners.  However, Bozeman what’s the deal? I know that the town is made up of some very hard-core athletes…but the turnout for the awards and after party was, for lack of better words, lame.  My race in Red Lodge, MT, Grandmas, Minnesota Half, as well as my half marathons down in Pinedale, WY had a much better crowd after the run.  I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into my running and I know that others felt the same.  I loved being able to cheer on the woman who was 84 and finished another half, (she was so much fun to see)…Out of the love of the sport and the comradery I feel with people as I run a race….Bozeman be too cool for school and I am happy to be that obviously “too uncool” person cheering on everyone at the end.

The race started later then most I have run.  I spent over an hour warming up!  I don’t know if I would do that again, (I think in hindsight I probably wore myself out a little by doing so)…but nerves and the fact that we got dropped off over an hour before the start time, kept me anxiously jogging around.


early on…thinking to myself, shoot! I went out too fast!

Starts are tricky for me! I have heard that this is common for a lot of runners.  I always feel so good, light, airy…that I end up running my first 3-4 miles too fast.  This race I had a Oiselle Volee lady running and I was so happy to see her that I ran with her at a 5:11 pace. I didn’t realize I was going as fast until I did an obligatory watch check and thought to myself, “crap! how am I supposed to keep this pace up the entire 13!  Needless to say, she kept on at probably a 6:00 pace and I slowed down to a 6:20 pace and was able to maintain for the remainder.

So I have a confession to make….no judgment here, laughter yes, maybe an eye roll, I understand.  I ran for the first time, ever, with ear buds.  My amazing, loves- to- spoil me husband got me jaybud ear buds that I used with an iPod nano.  Whenever I’ve trained at home on the treadmill I have consistently run a lot faster with music rather then television.  I loved having music to keep me preoccupied in the difficult times.  BUT! I might have had them up too loud and almost got hit by someone driving by on the road.  I was trying to move out of the way of some speedsters passing on my right and didn’t realize there was someone  passing on my left in a car.  Future self, turn the volume down! enough said, (other then….thank you to the smug jerk who at the end told me that I was dumb and he saved my life and that I should not wear earbuds; this was of course after I thanked him for letting me know of the impending car…some people just have to kick you when you are already down….thankfully others agreed that he was a creep and that they too had made the same rookie mistake) Oh! p.s. the car was probably going 15 mph at the most and would have bumped my deaf ass not pancake me…I don’t want you thinking I was almost side swiped by 65 mph hell on wheels.


nearing mile 10 and feeling my second wind



I worked hard for this belt buckle!


Overall, the race was great.  Yes, it felt torturous at times.  Yes, I contemplated an exit strategy, (couldn’t a wild turkey have accidentally taken me out mid flight!).  But, with the support of my family, the love of the sport, and the iron-clad determination I felt in completing the race…I finished the marathon with a PR.  I couldn’t have asked for a better race course, day, or cheering crowd to help me get there.  Bodhi, Trout, Steph, Tim, Mom, Henry, Audrey, Val, Dan….you guys rock for loving me and being my personal cheering crowd the entire way.

What are some of your favorite races?

Do you have the “I wanna quit” moments like me?




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