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Cross-Training “Mama Style”


pumpkin patch with an added bonus of gluten workout

I will never be a gym goer.  I am not trying to stir the pot with all you amazingly coordinated and organized folks who make gym-memberships work into their daily lives….I just don’t have the desire.

I have always told my husband and friends…staying in shape shouldn’t require fancy equipment or a place to go to “work-out”; all you need is creativity and motivation.

For example…take a look at the picture on the left with my boys and me.  The opportunity to stay active with two very spirited boys is abundant; I am certain, if allowed, they would have let me push them around the go-cart track today until I had literally made an indent in the dirt.  They love when Mom gets down and dirty with them and I find that I feel better when I spend quality play time with my boys.  I’m not saying that I am some kind of rock star Mom who plays all day long with them, (after all…a girl has to do laundry, eat, and run errands at some point); I’m just pointing out, that if allowed, one could find a lot of creative ways to remain active with children, A LOT.


High school steps…it’s a lot steeper than it looks and I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I’m trying to kill him on these

Another cross training love of mine is a hidden gem I like to call here in our “magic” city…the high school steps.  Holy smokes you guys…talk about a great work-out within a small amount of time. I am quite proud of myself too these days.  I have created quite the following.   At least once a week my stair posse and I meet up and run up-and-down the steps, or hill along side it, (if you really want to feel like throwing up) while throwing some burpees, push-ups, mountain climbers, or sprints in for good measure.  I have to say that this has made a huge difference in my strength and speed! I am certain that my times have gotten a lot faster with the steps and hill; it has made my form and kick a lot better!

The added bonus for this form of cross-training….the kiddos can and do come along! Both of my nuggets get just as much joy out of running up these as they do at the playground.  At the end of each work-out I am worn-out and they are too! If this is your cross-training of choice, do it in the evening, makes for a great early bedtime for the tired munchkins.


some of my stair gang! I love these guys!



My other form of “cross-training” or better yet strength training is pushing my beast of a stroller around while my two boys chill inside watching “Despicable Me”, (yes. I pick the movies…if I’m going to push the gremlins in a stroller for 10 miles, Mom has to like what she is listening to while working extra hard.


yes…that is a bike and two kids I’m pushing. My oldest biked for a while then got tired so I pushed all of this for the remainder of my run

I find myself a little upset with my running app or gps watch when it tells me my level of exertion on my run that day.  I wish there was an added button or category for pushing a really friggin heavy stroller on top of running up and down at least 3 hills…I always tell myself when I’m training for a race, (“you might have only run 8 miles, but with a stroller it’s more like 13 in wet sand).  The only sense of accomplishment I get is when I hear someone calling out from their car, “Get er lady! You’re a beast” thanks whoever you are! I am sure they are mocking me because I look like a spectacle…but, hey! I don’t really care as long as you aren’t that annoying person who decides to honk after sneaking up on me all “stealth mode” and scaring the living “P” out of me.

I hope that this post has inspired all of you Moms, (or Dads) who want to be in shape sans gym.  I hope to post more work-outs that I do using my sons favorite playground as well as posting a humorous example of me “practicing” yoga with 2 boys and 2 dogs, (I say “practice” loosely, because doing downward dog with boys using you as a jungle gym while your dog is snaking your yoga mat space…is not really practicing).

Do you have a favorite way to stay in shape in an “unconventional” sense?



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