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Why Motherhood has Made Me a Better Runner

I know I am not the first to write on such a topic….but, I really can’t have this blog without mentioning something so important/transformational for me as a runner…better yet a person!

I feel privileged to call two very sweet, very wild, and always loving boys my sons.  I am part of the countless Mothers who feel like life just wasn’t worth living until those little souls showed up.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days, (a lot, in fact) where I am pushed to my very limit, counting the minutes until my other half shows up from work so I can quietly go out to the garage, get in my car, shut the door, and sob, (sound dramatic?! I bet it doesn’t to all you moms).

So how does having children make me a more bad ass runner you might ask?  simple….it just has.  and here’s why

  1.  With very little time to myself these days… putting my babes in the stroller, (iPad all charged up and ready to go) literally is my only down time.  Not every run and every day is great, but I always feel better after I’ve gotten out and done something “for myself”. Running is my time and my sons know it; they’ve learned it right out of the womb.

    running and stroller ingenuity, (adding another meant getting clever before the double stroller)

    running and stroller ingenuity, (adding another meant getting clever before the double stroller)

  2. I am not the Mom who felt a twinge of pain, maybe a cramp or two, or “sneezed” their baby out. I had some trying births, (27.5 hours au’natural for baby #1 and a fast and furious home birth for baby #2).  I was pushed past my breaking point and was still able to bring my two “soccer balls” out into this world.  When I’m having a hard time in a race or on a challenging longer run I remind myself if I can birth my babes like I did…I can endure most anything running throws at me.
  3. Physically, my body has changed after having children.  No, I’m not talking about the pizza dough like lower stomach that I see in the mirror and admire, (because, thanks amazing body! you carried two healthy babes and looking a little “weathered” is a badge of honor in my mind)  I can’t explain the physiology behind my transformation, all I can say is I feel more efficient now as a runner then I did pre-baby, (does anyone else feel this way too?)
  4. I have two little souls who depend on me to set a good example.  I grew up with parents who put me in every sport imaginable.  I was in soccer, skiing, gymnastics, dance, swimming, cross country running….I was busy.  The takeaway I got from being active all that time was now…as an adult…being active is part of who I am.  I want to give that same gift to my children.  I want them to see that being active should be part of your everyday life.
  5. Humility folks…H-U-M-I-L-I-T-Y.  Being good at something requires realizing that a lot, if not most, of the time you are going to fail or not be the best.  I could not think of a better experience, then being a mother, to help me understand the true meaning of humility.  I am not a perfect parent.  I didn’t go into motherhood thinking that, and thank God I didn’t!  I love that they remind me daily that failure is part of life and if we chose not to let it keep us down…we actually come out the other side a better person if we chose to learn from our mistakes.

    finishing with this guy is what matters most these days!

    finishing with this guy is what matters most these days!

I have other reasons, but these seem to be the most important.  I am so thankful for my men and their presence in my life.  I think the most important reason I am a better runner is I am just so much happier with them in my life.  I find things that might have been routine or a chore in the past, a gift now.

Do you Moms or Dads out their agree or feel the same about kids and running?

If you have any reasons you’d like to add or comments I would love to hear them!


the men in my life!

All you single runners…don’t worry, being a parent doesn’t automatically make you bad ass.  I am sure most runners will read this and scoff and say the contrary.  I still admire the younger people out their running without a stroller, (and a lot less labored looking) or those at races who sport their cool runner looks who are most-likely a lot faster and cooler then I am…but, hey! I have my fan club and I’m good with that!


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