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Run Nelly Run

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Race Recap

This last weekend I participated in the 5th annual Bozeman Half marathon.    I finished with a new half-marathoon PR and also a newfound confidence in my future training abilities.  I won’t go into great detail about the race just yet.  I just want to give some of the highlights…


my #1 fan

First off…most of those who know me well, know my slight “obsession” with Oiselle.  I love everything about that company!  I am most excited about the women who represent Oiselle.  I was fortunate to spot one of the “flock” and was able to keep her in my sights the entire race, (finishing right behind her taking second and realizing I had a long way to go if I wanted to be as amazing as her and the other Oiselle running ladies).

The highlight of the race was the love and support I felt by my family.  Running is a huge outlet for me as well as a way for me to feel extraordinary in an otherwise ordinary life, (or so it seams most days).  I love the feeling of genuine excitement and pride I get from my boys as well as everyone I am privileged to call family, (Steph, Tim, Mom, Audrey, Henry, Benny, Val, Dan….my Dad who is with me on every run).  I don’t think; actually I know, it would not mean as much to run and race if I didn’t have my fan club waiting for me at the finish line or cheering me along the way.


my fan club at the finish

The other highlight, as I mentioned above, was meeting a real, live Oiselle lady.  I am forever a fan-girl and love the amazing athletes the company represents.  She has given me a goal to aim for, but at the same time, helped me see that for a mom with two boys, training with a 120 lb stroller most days….I’m not doing too bad!

I will go over the race day and tapering prior to race day on another post.  I was just too excited not to share my recent running accomplishment.


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