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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Things I can’t live without as a Mama Runner

Here are my necessities for a successful outing/run.

  1.  My jogging stroller.  I think I have logged more miles on my stroller then my car, (no joke, really!)  My go-to stroller was originally called the Chariot, however, since then they’ve been bought by another company Thule.  I will talk about jogging strollers in another post, but for now, these are expensive but worth it! They are durable, all-weather, got the bells and whistles you need, and they have been used at least once daily for the last 5 years and still going strong at our house hold.5041-783_GRN00_view1_1000x1000
  2. A supportive bra.  I am not a big framed girl, however, I am definitely not the girl who can run out of the house with only a built-in-bra cami.  I  have tried A LOT of sports bras and Moving Comfort seems to be my brand of choice.  It has adjustable straps which are great for nursing moms! (I know that’s not what they’re made for, but they work!).IMG_1440
  3. Shoes that fit and feel good.  I am usually a go-by-what-feels-good consumer…however, I have really fallen in love with my Brooks.  I am currently using Brooks Ghost for longer runs and every day use with my stroller runs.  I use the Brooks Connect for speed work and races.  Both are great shoes, the Connects are like gloves and super comfortable.  The Ghost provide more support and cushion when I’m pounding the pavement for longer periods of time. I provided a link for Amazon, (I love that prime allows for free 2 day shipping).  But, if you like more style and color options for the Brooks Connect then the Brooks website is the way to go. They also have sales and deals if you check regularly.IMG_1299
  4. Cute, but comfortable, and more colorful (lately) clothing!  I know this is not needed for a successful outing; however, as I have gained confidence in my abilities at running I also have gained confidence in the ability to feel good while doing something good for myself.  I don’t like to go broke in the summer months on clothing, which is why Target is great for running shorts!  During the winter months I do like to spend more on quality leggings.  My favorite running leggings at this moment in time are from Lucy.  They fit great, even for shorter inseams, and don’t do the crotch sag thing.  Tops are harder for me to narrow down so I’ll leave that out for now.IMG_1514
  5. While a GPS watch is not necessary, it does make monitoring my pace and distance a lot easier. Garmin Forerunner are my favorite.  My husband bought one for my first ever marathon training close to 8 years ago! I still use it.  I have noticed that it takes longer for it to link up to satellite these days…hmmmm, might be time for a new watch! (insert excitement).  I like Garmin for several reason…the best reason is that even the tech savvy-less such as myself, can use this watch with the greatest of ease.  I suppose I could use a watch and track my time by using math…but us mama’s have to think about what we want to waste our mental energy on…this is one area where a splurge is okay with me, (especially when it has lasted me 8 years! it’s held its value for sure).
  6. Lastly, are these critters! Of course it would be easier to not push a stroller worth 120 lbs while simultaneously pulling my two chessies who have gotten slower in their middle age.  However, doesn’t it feel better when you get the comments like, “get it mama, wow she’s burly” while your running along pushing a stroller and sporting two dogs on a leash! I know I sure do!IMG_1580this photo was taken at a 2 mile golf-course race put on by the United Way.  It was short but tough! In 2 miles I managed to push these two up 1,000 ft. just a casual Saturday run, right?!

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